Founder's Story


Indus Threads is the vision of Saadia Khan - a Silicon Valley technologist turned fashion entrepreneur with a mission to make a global impact for women. Through carefully curating unique accessories by working with home-grown brands from around the world, Indus Threads aims to create a community that is inspired to empower and reflect the beauty, strength and individuality of every woman.


You know that saying “when you stop looking for love, it finds you” well this is the story of finding my true love. 

I spent a good part of my life successfully working up the corporate ladder while working in the Silicon Valley. Until one day, in the midst of my travels, Indus Threads found me and ever since then it's been an unfolding love story.

But let's rewind a bit.. so you can get the full lay of the land.

I am a passionate women's empowerment advocate and community builder. I help women to dream big, embrace their unique story, use their voice & love their beautiful authentic self. I write empowerment blogs and conduct workshops to empower women.  I strongly believe in the fact that an accessory is an important touch to one's final look and increases confidence and self-esteem. 

In 2019, I got an opportunity to visit the most rural and poverty stricken areas of my home country - Pakistan. I saw people living without basic necessities. But the one thing that really inspired me was the women I met. These were hard working, skilled artisans driven to provide their families the best life they could while enabling them towards progress. Living in Silicon Valley; working a comfortable corporate job - this travel was a new experience for me. I came back with a renewed perspective and a mission to help such skilled artisans and underprivileged women around the globe.

And thus, Indus Threads was born - a true pursuit of passionate.  

Through Indus Threads, I work with artisans and small brands from around the world and help increase their sales and revenue while bringing the most unique one of a kind accessories to this platform. And it is a privilege and honor to bring the beautifully crafted products to my customers. Each one-of-a-kind piece at Indus threads tells a story and each collection has been inspired by one as well.

Giving back is a big backbone of Indus Threads. We have committed to give a percentage of every sale to our charity partners working on the ground for women education, health and safety. Indus Threads is not just an accessory brand but a community of women empowering other women. Hence, your purchase is not only investing in yourself but creating an impact.  

 I left the corporate world and am now entirely vested in making an impact through Indus Threads. Bringing the most unique pieces for my beautiful customers while empowering the makers; brings me joy that fuels me to fulfill my purpose. Outside of work I love to travel and spend time with my husband and two kids. 

I thank you for being part of this whirlwind romance called Indus Threads.

Forever yours,

Saadia Khan